Thursday, May 15, 2014


If you’re looking for a boat lift or boat hoist, you already have good reasons why: Your boat’s hull can take on all sorts of abuse when left in the water, from organisms and corrosion to the damaging effects of wind and waves. That’s why your boat’s best friend is a ShoreMaster Lift. When your boat’s work is done, the ShoreMaster Lift’s work begins. The ultimate in boat mooring and protection, ShoreMaster Lifts are strong and durable thanks to our aluminum welded construction throughout. Forget those heavy steel cradles and parts that can rust with age. When you un-float your boat with a ShoreMaster Lift, you enjoy lightweight, maintenance-free operation for years to come.


ShoreMaster Cantilever lifts are the pinnacle of boat lift simplicity. The ShoreMaster Cantilever boat lift design features one cable and three pulleys to distribute the weight of your watercraft evenly across the frame of the boat lift. ShoreMaster cantilever boat lifts require less maintenance and use fewer parts than any other style of lift so they are extremely durable and user friendly. We know of quite a few original ShoreMaster cantilever boat lifts that are still in service today, and we are the originator of the all aluminum boat lift. 


ShoreMaster Hydraulic Boat Lifts are considered among the best in the industry in terms of ease of use and operational speed. ShoreMaster Hydraulic boat lifts are a known and proven technology and they offer push button boat lift operation. Read on to discover why a ShoreMaster hydraulic boat lift is a smart choice.


ShoreMaster’s Vertical lift was created to operate in shallow or deep water levels and features a double v-side design to allow easier access to your boat from the dock. A Vertical Boat Lift from ShoreMaster offers comprehensive boat protection with ultra-simple ownership. Adjustable Lift Leveling legs are available as an add-on option.


Your pontoon is an investment in spending time on the water with family or friends. Protect that investment with a ShoreMaster Pontoon lift. Featuring Double V-Sides, your pontoon is accessible from either side of the dock, so your passengers can load and unload at the dock with ease.


Front Mount RhinoHoist floating lift is designed specifically for double-wide boat slips and mounts to the main walk of nearly any floating dock or marina. Front Mount RhinoHoist includes a Titan decking front walkway standard and optional side walkways are available.


The RhinoHoist L-Arm floating boat lift features marine-duty fasteners, heavy-duty brackets and 2.5” galvanized steel L-Arms for maximum boat protection in nearly any waterfront environment from resorts and campgrounds to first class marinas. The L-Arm RhinoHoist fits within nearly any standard width boat slip and can accommodate PWC’s, Boats, and Pontoons.

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